My name is Marcie. I started this co-op in 2004.

Before, we had to run to this place and that on specific days to get our meat and dairy items. There was no refrigeration and I had to pick up the moment I received the phone call. Once a month we were able to get dry good items from Ozark co-op located in Arkansas and half the time many items were missing.

Now, I have a commercial building with plenty of space and parking. Several of us pooled our knowledge and resources to start buying produce and meat products in bulk. I started with 7 families and now have 350 families that participate. It has been a huge job so that is why families must cooperate!! The rules must be adhered to in order to get the best prices and quality.

I now deal with 2 dairy farms for milk, cream and butter. I deal with 3 cheese farms and 122 other vendors to get the best deals.

I took this job on to provide for my extended families.

Many blessings have come from providing clean nutritious foods.

I am grateful that you are a part of it.

If you’re interested in joining the co-op, please read over our Member Responsibilities and FAQs pages. ┬áIf all that sounds good to you, please contact Marcie for further details about joining.

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“As a Fitness Professional I coach clients and fitness participants on the critical elements of health, vitality and human performance. Paramount amongst the several key ingredients to living a healthful life teeming with vibrant energy is the inclusion of a High Quality, Organic, and Whole Foods Diet.”

Ryan Carroll
Professional Fitness Trainer

“The Family Fresh Goodness Market and our beloved Marcie provides my family, my clients and me with the standard in high quality foods and service. As the search for natural foods and goodness continues amongst the savvy American consumer, pioneers like Marcie and Family Fresh Goodness will be honored for their vision and dedication to human health and sustainable agriculture.”

Elliott Hulse CSCS
Certified Strength & Fitness Coach