Member Responsibilities

What are the requirements for co-op membership?

  • Pay membership fee of $15
  • Shop at the co-op at least once a month

Why do I have to shop at the co-op at least once a month?

Many of our suppliers require that we consistently place a (large) minimum order. So if co-op members participate only sporadically, we don’t have the buying power required to access healthy food at good prices.

If you go four weeks or more without shopping at the co-op, you terminate your membership. You can rejoin by paying the $15 membership fee again.

Can I buy co-op goods for non-members?

Please do not purchase supplies for non-members!

Our wonderful discounts are made possible only by our members’ long-term commitment and consistent contributions — and it’s not fair (and not possible) for our small core of working members to provide co-op benefits to the public at large.

Please do not unfairly burden our loyal members. If you have friends who would like access to co-op resources and benefits, please encourage them to join us.

What about volunteering?

No volunteers needed at this time.

What if I order an item but then change my mind and don’t want it?

If you pre-order items, you must pick them up during regular business hours.  If you do not pick up your ordered items, you will be charged full price (not the discounted pre-order price). The discounted price is available only when items can be ordered in large quantities and the co-op bears no costs for storage.

Please order thoughtfully.  You must pay for all previous orders (even if you didn’t pick them up) before you are eligible to shop again at the co-op.

What’s the big deal about “pick-up days”?

The co-op doesn’t have room to store members’  orders, so everyone must pick up special-order items on the designated days. If you can’t personally pick up your items, please arrange for someone to handle your pick-up for you.

If you have additional questions about co-op members’ responsibilities, please feel free to contact us.